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The Orion Way of Life Podcast

Aug 20, 2020

“You’re either born as a fighter or not!” says Jeremy Horn, at least that’s the way he used to think. “There is no in between. Some people can get punched in the face while training and they just shrug it off and some people get hit in the face and just breaks them.” Now that he’s been training other people for a while, he’s come to realize that there actually is an “in between.” You can be eased into dealing with pressure in all areas of your life and learn to deal with that to where you have a plan to get through any adversity and still move forward. Join us on this interview with the Professional MMA fighter and pioneer of the sport to discuss masculinity in the world today through the eyes of a real warrior.

Want to train with a legend? Check out his gym here: or his facebook page

#boyswillbeboys features Andrew Grande, a dad who saved his daughter from a 12 foot alligator in Texas by acting quickly.

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