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The Orion Way of Life Podcast

Jul 8, 2021

Author, Public Speaker and Former member of the Harlem All-Stars, who played with the greats from the Globetrotter teams, Pee Wee Harrison joins me this episode to talk about a new movement he’s behind called I Choose Love. This movement was inspired from a song done by The Brown Sisters and has been something that this world needs more of in the troubled times we’re living. We chat about what that means to choose love and how it is the only solution to change the world.  I also got to pick his brain about his playing days and his book, “The Perfect Assist.” You can book Pee Wee for your public event by going to his website 

He also helped clean up a block in his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska on May 1st in the “One Block at a Time” group as part of our #boyswillbeboys segment.

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