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The Orion Way of Life Podcast

Apr 18, 2019

An intro episode where we learn a little about Anthony LeRoy Lovato and Licensed Therapist Scott Carter and what the Orion Way is all about.  We dive into the topic of 'What is the current issue with men,' and how to resolve it.

Anthony is a professional actor on the stage, screen and voice over. He has been in films and television series as well as an audiobook narrator with titles on Amazon and Audible. He is also the audio and video content creator on and contributing member of the team.

Scott is a Licensed Therapist with a focus on troubled youth. He is a content creator on and has a pretty large following on quora answering questions for men over the past 5 years.

Men are facing a lot of issues in the world and it has caused a major shift in the masculine dynamic of our society. We put this podcast together to help uncover those things and to create a movement towards men being able to thrive again in their lives and the world.

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