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The Orion Way of Life Podcast

Aug 22, 2019

We dive deeper in an article that Scott wrote on our website, and discuss why men (and women) do this.

We incorporate how the MGTOW movement is men’s way of combating this idea. Anthony reveals the two main issues that men who take the red pill has to go through to come out the other side able to cope with staying away from women. He also explains how he has had matchmaking skills to help other people see where their relationships aren’t going to work, but he’s not very good and doing it for himself and this is why you need other people’s feedback when getting into a relationship. Scott explains why his article says that you’ll end up more lonely if you’re in a bad relationship.

Boys will be boys features teacher Finn Landing who adopts one of his students so that he can get back on the transplant list to get a new kidney and no longer be homeless.

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