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The Orion Way of Life Podcast

Feb 4, 2021

You’ve probably heard of the Grip 6 belt by now, but if you haven’t, this episode will still inspire you if you have a great idea and want to see it come to fruition. Winslow let us in on the very beginnings of his company Grip 6 seven years ago and how it grew from failure. Perseverance is the key to making a product that people know by name across the world! If you’re thinking about getting a business off the ground, this is a great one to hear! Go to to get your belt today! 

We sidetracked about my business and you get a good example of how to network.  My voice over and acting demos are at to get an idea of what I can do for you. 

#boyswillbeboys features James Anderson who has helped over 10,000 families in need, fix their heating and plumbing problems on his own dime during the pandemic.

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