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The Orion Way of Life Podcast

Oct 15, 2020

Today we have two special guests to cover our topic on the sleep-deprived masculinity stereotype. We chose them to help us because they both conducted and wrote a research article of the same title.

Nathan Warren is a Ph.D. candidate in marketing at the University of Oregon. And Troy Campbell, a behavioral scientist (PhD, Duke University), former marketing professor (University of Oregon), former art, film, and psychology scholar (UC Irvine), professional designer and researcher (Netflix Insights, Disney Imagineering, UnitedHealth) and currently chief scientist at On Your Feet.

 Prior research connects masculinity to agentic characteristics (e.g., assertive, individualistic) and finds that health-related consumption is often aversive for males. The problem appears to be especially prevalent in men, who report getting significantly less sleep, on average, than women.

Here is the article:

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