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The Orion Way of Life Podcast

Jun 18, 2020

This week we actually have as our guest the male that we feature on our #boyswillbeboys segment.  Ken Akers is a former Navy Military Policeman that stood up in front of a 7-Eleven during the protests and stopped a mob from looting the store. Ken, A black man who looks like a professional football player decided that there wasn’t going to be looting at the 7-eleven on his watch. He used his voice to take his stance and for 2+ hours he kept hundreds of people at bay and even got people to stand behind him. Here is a couple of links with him on the local news channels in Utah. We talk about what caused him to even put himself in that situation and how that translates into masculinity in the world today and how we are still powerful and have more ability that we give ourselves credit for, even when standing up for something you believe in. The birth of a new man. 

This is the fox interview where he tells the story about the soda bottles in the principles closet. Ken Akers can stand against looters today because someone stood for him as a child

Here he is on KSL showing more footage of Mr. Akers taking a stand in front of the 7-eleven.

Here is the Trevor Noah interview that Anthony referred to on the podcast. Worth a watch and a wonderful way to word this whole thing.

Go to www.theorionway for the bonus coverage we recorded right after this ended.