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The Orion Way of Life Podcast

Apr 30, 2020

Special Guest Hugh Vail of www.mustangmedicine and was a part of the Operation Underground Railroad. He talks about his journey on finding out what virtue really is beyond what you would normally think. It comes from the Greek word Arete which means: Excellence In All Things. We as men can all strive to be this form of virtue, to ourselves and one another. He shares his story about how he is making virtue popular through his horsemanship. We all have faults and we all have deficiencies, it’s how we adapt that can make all the difference and sometimes we need to learn how to ”just be.”

This is a great interview and so many great conversations about the correlation between wild horses and humans in this one that you simply have to experience.

#boyswillbeboys features 99 year old war vet Tom Moore who walks to raise $9 million towards National Health Service