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The Orion Way of Life Podcast

Apr 23, 2020

Special Guest Dr. Kat Lofley from Trilogy Medical Center joins us to talk about Erectile Dysfunction and helps us look into the mental and mechanical aspects and cures for this malady that has seemed to increase among men as of late. With the increase of access to free porn and the hookup culture of online dating, the age of men affected by E.D. has been getting lower and lower.

For many men, their masculinity and identity is seriously tied to one organ and if they don’t reach out and get help from a professional, it can lead to major depression.

Dr Kat can be found on Instagram @drkatnp.trilogy

Or through the Website

#boyswillbeboys features a young man who helped a 96 year-old woman through a long flight and helped to keep her calm during the entire flight and made sure she had a good experience.