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The Orion Way of Life Podcast

Feb 13, 2020

Do you find yourself going from one relationship to another with little to no downtime between romantic affairs? You may have a problem that is bigger than you realize. It’s not just guys that do this, yet it’s problematic no matter who you are.

We discuss the number of reasons why it’s unhealthy for you and for your next relationship. Perhaps you are using it as a way to avoid pain and leaning on it like a form of medication like that of a junkie with smack. You could be self-medicating with a new relationship.

#boyswillbeboys features 8-year old Keoni Ching, from Vancouver, WA. Inspired by his favorite NFL Player Richard Sherman, he made and sold 803 keychains at $5 a pop to raise $4,015 to pay off lunch debt for students at his school.