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The Orion Way of Life Podcast

Dec 19, 2019

As a man, it's important to admit that you have a dark side to you. We all do. This isn’t a knock on men for having this. What we want to let men know is that, yes, you have Dark Energy within you and once you acknowledge that, you can take ownership of it and utilize it as a way to advance your cause. Like Batman, who never kills anyone, even his enemies.

We discuss that every man has a well within that they can stuff the angst down into. Some men have a deep well and others it can be very shallow. This can lead to gaining development and understanding of this energy at different times in your life. Sometimes it builds up and you have raging energy like the Hulk and you are always angry and easily triggered. Again, acknowledging the dark energy within and the level it’s at is only going to help strengthen you as a man and better deal with the tough situations that arise.

#boyswillbeboys features a real live Pet Detective in Shanghai that helps reunite pets with their owners.