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The Orion Way of Life Podcast

May 13, 2021

Inspirational speaker, author and life coach, Paul Gotel is back to talk about self love. Self love is to replace your self imposed ideals with self acceptance. This idealization leads to triggers getting set off and then you fail to realize that you actually ARE love yourself. This is a great interview and totally worth listening to. You might want to take notes listening to this one to find personal acceptance and realize you are a bright loving being.

Paul joins me from Hawaii, so the signal goes in and out from time to time, but I didn’t want to miss anything.

You can get his book, The Big U on Amazon, or Audible or go to his website or follow him on instagram @paulgotel to get his quick vids and fantastic quotes.

#boyswillbeboys features a good Samaritan who risks his life to save a toddler.

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