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The Orion Way of Life Podcast

May 6, 2021

Dawni is back! This time with more insight into how to apply your core values in your life and relationships. My fiance and I had a session with her to discuss what our 3 main core values are and how that has had such a positive impact on us going forward. There is a deeper dive into how these core values define us and what lens we see the world through. What incentivises us and gets us to do what we need or want is our core values.

At midway we talk about the value of knowing your kids core values and how that can seriously impact your relationship with them for good.

At the 53:15 mark Dawni goes through her list of the most common core values that she reads off for you to find out what your core values really are.  

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#boyswillbeboys features a couple of unlikely strangers sharing a meal and a chat together. The photo from this article went viral.

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