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The Orion Way of Life Podcast

Dec 12, 2019

In what ways do men tend to envision what it means to be masculine? As men we seem to have an idealized version of what it means and that isn’t necessarily healthy or accurate, or even something that is possible to them so we tend to feel confused or inadequate.

Men in film like John Wick, Rambo, James Bond give off this idea that men need to do things all on their own, when in reality the richest men in the world got there with a team who helped them rise to prominence and success.

Do you have to always be strong and aggressive in situations? Or can you take a step back and see if another approach might achieve what you want better and quicker? 

#boyswillbeboys features four teens - Narayan Weibel, Spenser Stratton, Adrian York, and Taj Ortiz-Beck came to the rescue of two drowning swimmers last month.