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The Orion Way of Life Podcast

Apr 22, 2021

Backburner- Postpone consideration of or action on. Have you ever been put on the backburner? You’re probably not alone back there. This episode features two researchers who have done extensive work on backburner relationships. Dr. Michelle Drouin, a professor of psychology at Purdue University, Fort Wayne (instagram @dr.michelledroin) and Jayson Dibble, an associate professor at Hope College (Twitter @jaysondibble). Their research has been talked about in The Atlantic Monthly, TIME, Psychology Today, Women’s Health Magazine, IFL Science, The Conversation, Huffington Post, Yahoo News among others. We take a dive into what constitutes a backburner relationship and how common they really are.

#boyswillbeboys features father Greg Long who started #danceon to help his son and many other boys who are dancers to get through the bullying.

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